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02-08-2013, 04:01 AM
Originally Posted by danedangerduval View Post
Greetings all,

Well after playing for about an week i still have loads of fun out there.

But.... I have placed dil on the dil exange and even after 2 days of waiting i still dont have it exnaged for zen...

Now i am a player from the netherlands and find it verry hard to obtain an zen prepaid card.

i can not use inernet for my banking for reasons i wont tell but it causes for me to get zen by exange.

So here my question. how does that exange work and is it used at all at the moment?

Friendly regards from,

Dane Danger Duval
You can get Paysafe vouchers from Bruna, kijkshop, hema or AKO.

Best not to offer dil for exchange, try buying zen at lowest offer instead. I exchange my daily limit every day and have a good stockpile of zen now.

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