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02-08-2013, 05:05 AM
Hi Dan,

Any fixes coming for the UI lag? It's annoying to get killed because the UI fails to register given command.

Any new expansions coming for the Duty Officer system? By this I mean new missions and mission chains.

When can we have a Fleet Ambassador/Kamarag and/or Chimera? And what new ships are coming for KDF?

Would it be possible to upgrade Mirror Universe ships to Fleet Standard? I know some are just flipped with the other ship, but some genuinely offer "better" Boff configurations or other abilities than their Prime counterparts.

When can we expect the Honor Guard visuals to be fixed?

Are there any plans to add to or improve the contents of Omega/Romulan reputation stores (such as Doffs)?

Are there any plans to increase the Fleet Marks rewarded from playing Fleet Mark content? Either by a flat increase or by adding higher difficulties with increased rewards? Same goes for Romulan Marks.
And could the Fleet Mark rewards from Defera be restored to their S6 levels when they were worth doing?