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02-08-2013, 04:46 AM
Going back to basics, there are three things I'd like to see done in the game more than anything else:

1) For it to be able to give up focus (say, when I accidentally let the laptop battery run down) without crashing. I'm not sure if this is an unavoidable thing - certainly I know several other MMORPGs that are the same way.

2) To be able to log out in the middle of a Foundry mission and later pick it up where you left off, as you can with other missions. At the moment, the many really long missions are a bit impractical - there are some that are supposed to last for 4 hours!

3) Fixing the close combat brains. At present, most adversaries walk a few inches INTO my avatar, in which position she can't hit them but they seem to be able to hit her, which isn't reasonable. It's really annoying having to spend most of a fight constantly dodging backwards!

For me, any of those things would improve the game more than any new feature I can think of. Are there any plans about them?