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02-08-2013, 07:43 AM
I got my hands on one yesterday... Oh my where has she been all my life!

Easily one of the best ships for PvE. Only 9 consoles, but a built in ability that more then makes up for it. If she had 10 console slots and a seige mode console I would slot the console, so its works out to be the same for me. (Yes, no extra shield and hull... but she is worth it)

Seige mode impressed me a lot. I was expecting a longer cooldown, but you can switch into seige mode 20 seconds after leaving it, and the Javelin's cooldown is only 1 minute. That's what makes it shine. Gal-X is 3 minutes, Bortasqu' is 3 minutes, Iso charge is 3 minutes... but the Gumby's "lance" is only 1 minute... Ooooohh yeah!

She has the boff layout of a Patrol Escort, widely regarded as one of the best boff lineups for an escort.

Oh, did I mention she was an escort? That means DHC and a turn of 15... Full escort power, and a seige weapon with a 1 minute cooldown to boot...

I may never fly another ship, at least on my KDF tac.
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