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I'm not going to argue that the amounts of things in the Fleet Starbase or Embassy system are too high. That is a discussion for another thread.

My point here is that they are way above what you can currently purchase.

For instance right now (what finally pushed me to post) Upgrade Communications Array III is an active project for my Fleets Starbase. One of the requirements is 17,000 Entertainment Commodities.

I can only buy Commodities 100 at a time. I'd like to just flat out buy all 17,000. I can't for the life of me see why I am limited to just 100.

DEVs if you are going to have these silly requirements of thousands of things then let me buy thousands of things.

The same goes with Consumables and the REP system. If I have to provide 500 of something don't limit me to buying them in chunks of 20.

This is not fun, it is horrendously boring. Please fix.