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02-08-2013, 07:22 AM
While its nice you are doing 17000 entertainment provisions(?), remeber that fleets are for big groups of people, the general idea is many people contribute, having the buy (1-100) slider follows that premise, but i agree, would be nice for it to be changed... at the very least to 250 (max commodities that can be in a single inventory space)

As for why you cant just buy 17000 in one fell swoop some reasons might include

- 17000/250 = 68, you owuld need 68 free invcentory slots at a given time (i havent checked the max you can have, but i guess having 68free slots is a bit of an ask

- Prevent accidental buys; accidentally buying 100 of an item hurts your EC's a lot less than 17000 of an item.. :p


As for the rep system you never get asked for more than 50 of a commoditiy per mission(?) well hypo/shield/regen

Buying in 20s does suck, but i think there is also an ulterior motive of having our healing items take up more space than they should.. but im just a paranoid petal
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