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also, medical care in Star wars seems to suck HARDCORE. a robot telling a bunch of guys that their princess just lost the will to live or some bull**** like that... they just clearly let her die with no good reason... they barely did anything at all for the heavy larynx damage caused by Vader's force choke.

Now, even in the absence of visible external trauma, no medical attendant is going to ever miss the signs of acute laryngeal or bronchial obstruction - the patient turns blue. And the cure is simple to effect requiring nothing more complicated than a shape blade, a bic biro pen (or some similar tube) and steady nerves. And, I don't care how heart broken she was after losing Anakin to the dark side, no otherwise healthy young woman can just will herself dead.

Then there's the fact that Vader's face got horribly disfigured and he seemed to need some sort of life support 24/7... in order to need that famous helm and outfit that he is so well-known for now.

Star trek's medical technology would had solved both those issues in seconds... while star wars seems to only go with the barest minimum before giving up completely.

So yeah, Star Wars have awesome robots and ****.... but they don't seem to care much about healthcare and all that jazz.

so Star Trek wins in that respect.
So why do they even need doctors in ST. If someone dies they can simply throw the body into the transporter and reconstitute him from the saved data in the transporter buffer.

Sci-fi my rear end, thats fantasy baby !
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