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02-08-2013, 07:35 AM
Yes, I got it to replace my Mirror Qin. I've wanted one for a while and tax season is here hehe.

Very similar ships, but the Qin gets a cloak, and the Gumby gets the Javelin. I can see the Qin being better suited for PvP, with the cloak for alpha strikes and such. Seige mode does hurt your turn (Wiki said 50%, but the tooltip says 35%, by my math the tooltip is correct) and I can see that being a hinderance in PvP, but I don't PvP much if at all, so the Gumby wins for me.

On Alpha Strikes and the Gumby - There is a major difference in how I use the lance and how I use them on the other ships. Most other ships benefit from a big alpha strike out of cloak with as many % damage boosts running as you can possibly stack. The Gumby feels different to play. I save my tac skills for an "Omega strike" of sorts. I use my boff cooldowns and such liberaly thru the fight, but stockpile the big damage tac captain skills for when I know I'm going to fire the lance... almost like alpha striking in reverse. I'm still in my first 24 hours with her so I'm sure things will all change but so far its a bit of a different feel.
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