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# 1 New Miranda Class please
02-08-2013, 08:02 AM
Hello people.

I've been thinking that the Miranda class needs a new lease on life. Sure, we get to fly it when we start (well, those who haven't bought z-store ships), but I really think we should have a higher level version of the ship.

Why? Well, the ship is iconic. Kahn almost defeated Kirk in Star Trek II in one, they fought at alongside the Defiant at the battle for DS9, they fought the Borg defending Earth in First Contact, etc etc etc.

Now, by no means should this be a VA ship!!! That would be ludicrous. A commander or captain variant, however, would be quite cool. Load it up with a new console and stick it in the z-store. This would help the fact that not too many things have been going in to the z-store lately. It could be a cruiser/escort hybrid.

Anyone else like to see the Miranda get revamped? Comment if you do.

Oh, please no hijacks about Feds getting all the ships from the klinks. If you have a ship you'd like to see in the game then make a thread that suggests the idea. I'd support it even though I don't play klink.