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02-08-2013, 08:14 AM
Originally Posted by cha0s1428 View Post
Again, this is not crying because X ship is under/overpowered, nerf/buff this or that. I'm not looking for ship build critiques or play style advice.
Well it's suspiciously starting to sound exactly like that if you felt the need to post about it twice. Again:

You won't be anywhere as near effective tanking in an escort without ENG abilities. You'll just die alot and be worthless to the group waiting on respawn timers. Go ahead and try it. See how long you last in a defiant with less hull and no heals against a tac cube that has full attention on you. Leadership ain't so great that you survive a full on tac cube assault.

Leadership isn't the problem here, especially when it is entirely dependent on your crew not being dead. It often is in STFs so you must sacrifice gear for crew resist gear if you want to take advantage of the leadership perk. Even when it's in full force it's just 3% per tick and frankly I welcome it for PvE because I have spent many STFs running under 50% HP because my heals suck and no one wants to play as a team and save their heals for themselves(not everyone but might as well be "everyone")

I'm not really sure if there is a problem. You had a draw. If that's not balanced gameplay then I don't know what is. Remember that this was a 1v1 match up. When things are balanced, fatigue decides the victor. But it does pose problems for fed vs kdf. Either give KDF hull regen too or something to counter it. Or apparently it's not a major problem since the KDF has not been up in arms over it yet. I think they have one discussion topic about it. This is probably because they enjoy the trait working now on their fed characters, and have seen no game breaking effects in fed vs kdf combat.


I'm not really sure if there is a problem. You had a draw. If that's not balanced gameplay then I don't know what is.
So, you can no longer kill him and now you have a problem with leadership trait. 1v1 combat should be draws. That's a sign of balance. Groups is where it's at in that case, where more than one person focuses fire on a ship. You know, kind of like "real life" Star Trek where the fleet admiral orders the fleet to all fire in the same spot.

What you are sorta proposing is that escorts gets their DPS because they sacrifice survival, and since leadership now works that that isn't fair. Well, it's still just 3% ticks at it's very best. Apparently your friend doesn't pack enough DPS to kill you but you could kill him. Now you can't kill him. SO now there's a problem to be had, of course.