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02-08-2013, 08:25 AM
Regarding being placed in command of a ship after the tutorial at Lieutenant rank, such a thing wouldn't be unexpected in a time of war. You keep cranking out ships, but experienced officers are hard to come by. You take what you can get, if the best you've got is a relatively green lieutenant, well that's how it is. In naval tradition, whoever is in command is referred to as "captain" regardless of formal rank.

So, you are captain of a starship with a formal rank of lieutenant. This happens to Bright Noa in the original Gundam series, having become "captain" of White Base despite being an ensign because he was the only officer left alive. EFSF left him in command because they didn't have a lot of choice. There's even examples in Trek lore, like Commander Sisko being appointed captain of the Defiant. Or alternate JJ-verse Kirk becoming captain of the Enterprise despite still being more or less a cadet (Maybe a lieutenant too like Saavik? This was all rather unclear).

Regardless, this breaks down at the point where you have 1000s of Admirals running about. That's just how it has to be in an MMO though. Everybody's the Great Hero. Did we all save the Enterprise-C? Did we all crack the mystery of New Romulus? Simultaneously yes and no. Yes from the perspective of us as players, no from the perspective of our characters. To our characters those were all unique experiences to them, and that is the distinction you have to make. Our character has been rewarded Vice Admiral rank for outstanding and unique achievements, all these other mooks don't matter. Other players have done all the same things we did.

If you want better role play immersion, set your rank pips to Captain. I don't let all my Boffs run around with Commander pips, that's silly. Would be nice if you could change how NPCs refer to you though.