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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
You mean Star Trek Into Darkness?

The JJ Abrams movie?

There are some problems with pinning any hopes to that.

1- The playerbase here loves to bash the movies. And Abrams. Lots of Abrams bashing.
2- CBS does not own the movie rights. Paramount does. This is very important because ...
3- Cryptic can't do anything with the movie stufff. Nor have they been able to negotiate any licensing with the movie stuff.
4- CBS took great strides to keep their licensing stuff very strict with Cryptic and keep the movie/paramount's licensing far away from this game.

Remember the last movie came out while this game was getting close to launch. And did next to nothing to help boost this game directly. It was all indirect because yeah, they both have the name Star Trek involved in the title. And yes, that will have an effect this time too. But that's it. There's nothing that can directly link the game and the movie.

Paramount. Everyone forgets about Paramount.
You post but don't read the forums? There have been posters who came to STO due to JJTrek, myself included.

Irregardless of JJ making the movie, it will draw new blood here even if you disagree. Movie launches and MMOs based on the same IP work. Synergy. Usually timed to work together.

1. JJ bashing will not stop new people from checking out the free 2 play game.

2. Yes, CBS owns the rights and that has no bearing on the point I made about new people checking out the free 2 play game.

3. Explain the red matter console which was in JJTrek and why was it a pre-order item for STO. Why was JJSpock doing VO work in STO? Naw, the movie stuff doesn't make it into STO like you said.

4. CBS is very specific what makes it into the game, We all know this and DStahl says it all the time. Like this is new to anyone reading this? Unless they are new to the free 2 play game... of which I am not.

The last movie which was named Star Trek? See #3.

Paramount owns the movie rights but not the IP rights. Again, a known fact by all, including myself.

I still stand by the quoted comment.

Originally Posted by user839020189287 View Post
The IP is about to get popular again.
This IP is about to get popular again as many people will go see the movie. Cryptic is advertising STO on and the main Star Trek website. Movie goers can and will connect the dots. Would be smart to drop a promo for the game during the movie's run. Adverts, stuff like that.

There is no way Cryptic is gonna sit quiet and say nothing to promote STO while the new Star Trek movie launches and puts the limelight on the IP as a whole.

Guess you just like to argue or something.
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