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02-08-2013, 08:45 AM
Ok, I play some of the Daily Missions and the STF when my Fleet mates wants a team mate. I've only been playing a month. I've done "ok" in the STF (If I remember correctly including one with a roundabout team mate, not a Carrier pet), but once the Shields are gone.. often I'm on Borrowed time before I "blow up", unless I get out while my shileld are charging.

I don't PVP, unless you count Ker'rat War Zone. (Going "pop" when you warp in on the Klingons seems better than fighting them and trying to complete the objectives.)

BFAW? BO? I'm Sorry I've only been playing for a month and I'm still Learning the "terms"

I hardly use the Emegancy Power to Engines, I think I teach her Power to shields again. (I initially thought one Boff with that power wouldn't make the cool down on the other last the same amount of time.)

I'll stick the Mine Torp in the rear. Its got nice "power" but only being able to fire once every minute, I can use it when I turn away.