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02-08-2013, 09:07 AM
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Well most of the game can be played with only dps, and the fact that your 1v1 ended in stalemate just shows that there is a balance issue.
If anything it shows that Escorts aren't OP. I am assuming that he performed that 1v1 match by fighting the Cruiser in question using an Escort DPS build (otherwise bringing it up in this thread would be counterproductive). The thing is, I did the same exact thing back when the Odyssey bundle pack was first being tested. I took my Defiant Retrofit from back then and tested it against someone elses Odyssey (who had all 3 Odyssey Consoles equipped). No matter what configuration I used on my Defiant, there was nothing I could do by which to kill his Odyssey in straight up 1v1. There were also several moments where he outright nearly killed my defiant.

Not for lack of trying, but sheer outright DPS does not defeat a Cruiser that is built properly, unless that DPS is coming from more than one Escort or the Cruiser in question is an NPC. It is just a fact of the game. It can't be done.

Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
But its supposed to be a trinity. Rock must beat scissors, scissors must beat paper, and paper must beat rock.
where did you get the idea that Star Trek Online is based on Roshambo? I admit the classes are a trinity, but in no way is a trinity automatically assumed to break down into a game of Rock Paper Scissors. More traditionally (and etymologically) a Trinity is used to describe a situation in which the composite parts of the trinity are supposed to work as a unified whole, not as opposition to each other.