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02-08-2013, 09:20 AM
Probably, I haven't run Tac Fleet Torkaht pressure DPS build in awhile. (I used CVS and APO rather than CRF2).

I know I had a solid high pressure damage build w/Tac Commander and DHCs and a Sci captain. It's much less effective now. I haven't tweeked it yet to a more spike oriented build.

The other issue is being able to spike defense for ships w/hangars and certain Flight Deck Doffs in recall mode. This and a movement immunity ability that's chainable will make pressure less effective just based on the number of misses.

I'm not sure how BA would do w/FAW w/CritH&D procs after they're fixed. W/o the procs they're lacking for certain.

Also, there are the various console abilities/Doffs (Fortress/JamAPconsole/Aux2batt/SNB Doffs etc that can scew things).