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Originally Posted by avarseir View Post
I disagree.

Escorts are not in anyway OP. It very much depends on the captain, the build and how the captain wants to play it.

The problem is there're many cruiser/sci captains who want to be an escort, instead of focusing on their strengths, they want to be something else.

While its true, DPS is glorious and its nice to see the dmg numbers and crits and the way some of the missions are skewed towards DPS, cruisers or science ships can be deadly when used properly.

For example, I fought against a galaxy-R on 1v1 recently, and I can't make a dent on his defenses and whenever I managed to take out half of his HP, he recovers very quickly. The match lasted a good 30 mins, before we both decided to stop. In consolation, he wasn't able to kill me too. However, on one occasion he nearly got me and I was only saved by my impulse capacitance console.

Similarly, a well played science ships are also very deadly. They can perma-confuse, drain, and kill you easily once your engines are disabled and weapons gone and shields down. Photonic fleet is also very irritatiing and annoying.

I think Cryptic did a good job balancing the ships.

If you examine very closely on the skills available, there're many skills are designed to be used in conjunction with other skills. E.g. EptA with HE/TSS/AuxSiF/AuxID. Then there's AuxtoBatt with BO/FAW and basically many more creative combination that involves battery consumables.

I feel that the issue is players are terrible at micromanaging their skill tree - they stick to easy skills like Eng Team 1, Eng Team 2, Eng Team 3 for example.

I flew a cruiser recently, with EptW and AuxtoBatt, FAW and BO is very deadly!
+infinity ... Thank you for saying this so clearly!!!

I fly a Fleet Defiant and Heavy Escort Carrier Fed Side and a Korath KDF side. BY far my Science Captain in Science ship combo is FAR more dangerous in PvP and in PvE i sometimes have to actually hold back because I can (for instance) take down a generator in ISE faster than I can turn off weapons.

I've said it in other threads and will echo it here:

Want to do DPS? Fly an Escort with a Tac Captain

Want to play CC and debuff support? Fly a Sci Captain in a Sci Ship

Want to be a support/heal/tank? Fly an Engineer in a cruiser.

If you have ever done PvP in a team of five tacs in escorts -vs- a team that has a blend of all three professions in proper ships you know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is no one class that is OP compared to the other.

PLAY YOU PROFESSION as intended, or re-roll as the profession that fits the way you want to play. Please stop making threads begging the devs to make all three professions and ship classes functions the same.