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02-08-2013, 10:49 AM
Once the Dominion War kicked off, they became even more of a death trap than Oberths historically had been during TNG. I mean that ship existed so the Enterprise D had something to shake their heads and tut at because they'd been so unfortunate and screwed over so hard by events, i.e. space madness, swirly energy thing from binary star, space madness, bird of prey (ok that wasn't TNG but still), wonky cloaking accidents, and also space madness. Did I mention space madness?

The Miranda fared a little better, right up until DS9 when they were cannon fodder with warp nacelles. Those things got taken down by the dozen. Even in Kirk's era, they were a budget starship, a mid-weight ship. Anything it could do, a Connie could do better. That's what made Khan laying a smack down on the Enterprise such a shocker, since he did it in a worse ship. In STO, Kirk'd likely have called hax and reported Khan to a GM.

That said, there's so much that made it to tier 5 since the Fleet system came into being that I don't suppose there's many good reasons to exclude anything at this point. If a Sabre or Nova, ships that canonically were inferior to contemporary ships like the Defiant or Prometheus or Intrepid are now just as tough as them, then what's the point of saying anything's too old? Hell, KDF-side I could fly a D7, a class retired by TMP.