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02-08-2013, 11:04 AM
The real problem is the system. It allows for weak players to be so fail-tastic that they are just barely capable of completing the super easy PvE content on normal without any thought, reason or use of abilities. When you take those abilities and put them into a coordinated build of someone with knowledge it turns into an unbeatable killing machine in easy mode PvE.

Take those same knowledgeable players who have maximized their offense and defense and put them against limited stupid enemies in elite mode and you'll find them using blind spots and weaknesses of enemies against them. Whats the results? The weak players rush in head on and explode nearly instantly, the good players can tank the tac cubes in an escort.

So you reduce the escort's ability to tank and make the game cruisers online again?

Bottom line is an escort can tank moderately and deal high damage
A cruiser can deal moderate damage with high tanking ability
Science ships are a mess that they can't get right at all, they can tank moderately well with low damage and a lot of utility. This is where the work is needed.

With the exception of science (and most of that is content related) the is a stronger than expected balance between escorts and cruisers.

You can make certain escorts tank extremely well, but on the same side you can make some cruisers put out a crazy amount of damage. Each sacrifices something to cross to the other side, but the people complaining want their ships to sacrifice nothing, don't they?
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