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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
I really liked that simplicity of your entry, and it was your decision to participate which made me do so,
Awww...I'm glad you joined in.

For where my crew ended up, simplicity was really the only approach. I had tried other approaches, and even with no "action" taking place, they felt wrong. The additional dialogue and material just detracted from the true focus of the piece: which was that they stood upon hallowed ground.

as I really wasn't feeling the topic as a short entry, as I felt it was something which I as a writer, could only cover in a longer story to give enough of an explanation, so I really liked how you were able to do so with such economy I decided to chop the story after the meeting with Stark, because the method of returning to the 25th Century had already been discussed, and what would have happened after the meeting, the waiting for the frame to be constructed, the fitting, the return to orbit, was all pretty safe to assume happening. I didn't want to make it too specific that the crew were present for Woodstock, and figured I'd leave Stark's distaste for the hippies to suggest what was going on, rather than having to have Palmer swipe Hendrix's guitar before leaving
I loved Stark's reaction to Woodstock...truly awesome! I thought the story ended very well.

Thanks, and likewise, I really enjoyed your entry, as it really showed Alyosha's connection to Earth and his Humanity, and the reasoning that they simply had to wait for time to restore the crew to their correct time was a nice change.
Thanks. In spite of Aloysha's extreme differences from our species, and the fact that biologically he "should" be at odds with humans (and other humanoid species), Earth is where he feels he belongs. He would be flattered to know you considered him to have some form of "humanity."

As for the fact that they just had to wait...I considered other possibilities but they all felt unsuitable for the time frame.

I reasoned that since we've seen more advanced technology in the 25th century, there were items that are now standard issue for crew that could sometimes allow for such a solution, depending on the type of the anomaly. (I am specifically looking at personal shields, perhaps used in conjunction with tricorders and communicators.)

Yes, Meliden was adopted by Human parents, but unlike Worf, who had already lived part of his life in Klingon culture, Meliden was adopted as a newborn after the hospital she had been born in was bombarded by the Dominion, so she has literally only ever known Human culture, and was bullied as a child for being Cardassian, so her parents would be well aware of her desire to appear Human, but likely never had the connections or resources to have such a procedure done privately. Starfleet, on the other hand, routinely performs surgical alterations to such an extent that the altered officer is externally indistinguishable from the target species, so for Meliden, this would literally have been a lifelong dream come true
Maybe so. And yeah, I can see where it wouldn't be easy being grey after the Dominion War. :-/

That said, Meliden was exactly the sort of child I would have sought out to be my friend, because often those with differences were the most able to accept me for who I was and not bully.

I just wonder, though, if by changing herself, it doesn't mean the bullies won. I would have hoped that by the 24th century educators would have done a better job in intervening where bullying was taking place--especially on species grounds. Unless they were participating in it...

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