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02-08-2013, 10:15 AM
Two points:

First, you guys really need to look into giving us the option of cancelling projects in general - this is only one example, albeit a good one. Since S6 came out folks have been asking for this, and I'm not sure where the harm would be. In fact, I think you'd get a lot of praise.

There have been projects in progress when one suddenly comes out (say, when you unlock a Tier) that would benefit a Fleet a lot more, but until we grind to unlock so we can unlock to grind for the unlock to then pay huge amounts of dilithium and other resources for can't be accessed.

So again, what is the harm? No refunds or anything, just give us the option to quit a project en lieu of another, or simply quit, period.

But, yeah, whereas A LOT of people I have run into in-game actually spent real world money to get multiple keys to open multiple boxes to acquire sufficient Lobi, you're telling some of them here that you couldn't care less what they did to get them, even if it was to line PWE's pockets; they're just out of luck!

Point 2: Some may say folks who pump money into a FTP game are insane, and that may be the case. But, it's no one else's business, and it doesn't change the fact that it's a bad play to "set the timer" on this, especially when some of the holiday things required only popped up VERY rarely, and so drove people to the Exchange, where their fellow players were waiting to exploit them or, as I'm sure it was planned, drove them to the Zen store to pay cash...

You all really need to look into the mechanics of the way things like this play out, and know that most Trek players are also Trek fans and, as such, have a little more intellect than all that - they can see what's happening and know what's fair and what isn't. When cash is or can be involved, you risk biting the hand that feeds you...

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