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02-08-2013, 10:15 AM
i been a fan of the new frontier books and the ambassador class was the main hero ship the USS Excalibur

this is what i am using

3 phaser BA and 1 Q-torp for and aft

Ens Tac: FAW1 or BO1
Lt Tac: TT1, TS2
Cmdr Eng: EPTS1, EPTW2, EPTS3, Aux2SIF3
Lt Eng: ET1, RSP1
Lt Cmdr Sci: TSS1, ST2, GW1

also 3 rare shield distribution doffs, 1 rare torpedo doff, and 1 rare warp core engineer

using grav well in a cruiser makes me giggle no idea why it just does watching the NPC ships get clumped together lol

works well as a tank/team healer FAW to get aggro away from escorts and enough heals to keep them alive if i can't

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