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Anyone here play the text game Zork? If not you can look it up here:

anyway, I got an idea after playing the 3 word story here, and I figured. Why not do a Zork game with everyone. We should break down into 3 groups if I guess right.

1. Those who just read - No iteraction at all)

2. Those who interact with the written game ( Your moving north, south east or west, , picking up items, using items, attacking dangerous people etc. )

3. Those who just write parts to the game ( You help to write parts of the game, and tell others if they interacted in a good way or bad way from the choice they made. in they mack it into the next room, write a new positive part, if not then write the short and sweet. lol This is just for fun, and I hope this works out. If not I will just let die.

I will add if you want to talk outside of the game, add a bracket like this. ( Lets have fun ok guy. ) that way we know that text isnt part of the game. Feel free to cheat by using Zork text, I know I am lol, but make it all Star Trek Themed. And on that note let us begin...........

Your in a room with 4 doors. To the south the door is block with debris you can't move. To the East the door is slightly ajar. To the West the door is wide open, but you can't see past it. to the North the door is closed.

In front of you is a table with a cutting torch, a flashlight, and a half charged phaser 1. There is a flash display on the table as well.

Smoke leaks into the room from the east.......