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02-08-2013, 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
I actually dont have any tac teams. I am trying to heal others, so that why I have so many ET, figuring I can have two that are close to cooldown in the rotation, can you use Aux2SIF on allies?
Yes you can, and Aux2SIF is better here too. The only reason I keep an ET1 around in the ensign slot is for Romulan and Tholian subsystem deactivation spam, and because there is nothing else worthy of going in that slot.

With your flee doff slot, I recommend Marion Frances Dulmur, the DEM doff, and chucking at least 1, maybe 2 copies of DEM onto your boffs. This doff basically supplies an 8 second nadion inversion whenever a DEM is activated.

Alternatively, a purple TT Conn Officer would go down well too.