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# 1 Wells Vs Vesta / Sci
02-08-2013, 12:23 PM
I need some help.

I enjoy flying my Wells class, but I feel in ESTFs, I'm FAR more effective in a Vesta than the Wells due to the DPS increase of Aux cannons and that there are seem to be only three useful Science abilities in a ESTF.

Here's how I've been running my Wells:

Front: 2 Polarized Disruptor Beam banks (Acc, CritH on one and Acc x2 on other) MkXII, Omega Torpedo Mk XII
Rear: 2 Polarized Disruptor Turrets - (Acc, Crith) Mk XII, Borg Cutting Beam

Eng: Borg Assimilated
Shield: Borg Assimilated
Deflector: Borg Assmilated

Eng: Tachotechnic Converter, Isomectric Charge, Neutronium Mk XII (blue)
Sci: Assimilated console, Field Generator Mk XI blue), Particle Generator Mk XII (x2, one blue and one Purple)
Tac: Disruptor consoles (Mk XI blue x3


LT Universal : EptS1, Aux2Struct
Lt Commander Universal: TT1, BFaW2, APB2
Ensign Eng: EPtS1
LT Sci: HE1, PH2
Commander Sci: TSS1, HE2, TSS3, GW3

How can I change this up to make my Wells useful in a ESTF? I've tried swapping around consoles and going more with healing the escorts, but they generally die to cubes or the gateways faster than my heals can keep them up.