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02-08-2013, 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by zeusima View Post
I'd actually go with 1x TT and 1x ST2 (science team is the best shield healing skill).
I disagree on Science Team. It might be the most powerful shield heal, but it shares a cooldown with Tactical Team, whereas Emergency Power to Shields, Extend Shields, and Transfer Shield Strength don't. Those three also provide bonus Shield Resistance to the target of the heal, which is more necessary than straight-up healing for surviving high-DPS enemies.
Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
I actually dont have any tac teams. I am trying to heal others, so that why I have so many ET, figuring I can have two that are close to cooldown in the rotation, can you use Aux2SIF on allies?
Aux2SIF can be cast on allies. The problem with running more than two Team abilities is that each one starts a 30s cooldown on itself and 15s cooldown on all other Team abilities you have. Aux2SIF also grants a relatively significant hull resistance rating buff (more so than Hazard Emitters) and has a short cooldown for even one copy, which also makes it a viable power for pre-hardening the target of a heavy assault.

There's also a doff power from the Fleet Support doff packs that grants an extra HoT with Aux2SIF, but they're really expensive.