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02-08-2013, 11:52 AM
The other night I thought I would squeeze in 1 last quick run of ISE. Starts off and it seems ok. Take down the cubes, gens and transformers on the left. It's a little "messy" and we're running a little slow but we should make it. I notice that a Fed Escort with dual beams is over on the right side, shooting at a generator. Ask him to "please stop shooting the generator". He keeps on going and blows it. I halt the 2 spawned spheres and attack the nanite while the other 3 rush over and go for the cube. Mr. Escort is banging away at 2nd generator.

We just lose the optional and it goes pearshaped. Only a BoP and I seem to know what's actually going on and why the nanite spheres are important. Not a word from Mr Escort.

The following night, I think that I can squeeze in 1 last quick ISE. Just as we start off, I see a Fed Escort with dual beams and I check the name. It's the same guy from last night. My heart sinks, but I don't bail. He seems to have learnt from the previous evening and he's not killing generators, but he seems to be a glass popgun.