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Originally Posted by user839020189287 View Post
1. JJ bashing will not stop new people from checking out the free 2 play game.
When they get here and see all the JJ bashing, for a movie that may be a movie they totally dug, they can get turned off from the game. I've seen it happen in the many years I've posted and read the forums.

What happens is you get a fanbase that likes the new stuff. And they play this game, which hates what they like and a development team that launches a two-pronged attack of fail against what they like ...

1- They are unable to offer the players anything related to the new movies that they like. Due to licensing restrictions.
2- The dev team themselves tend to like the 1980s era movies, and TNG more than anything linked to the Kirk era. As seen by stuff like the Excelsior and Ambassador being top tier ships. But anything actually linked to Kirk gets lost at the lower tiers.

So many people who like Kirk, his crew, and the new JJ take on it, get pummeled into frustration on these forums. And the game itself offers them a new Jem'Hadar ship as a lotto lockbox long before it will offer them anything Kirk-centric.

3. Explain the red matter console which was in JJTrek and why was it a pre-order item for STO.
The Red Matter Capacitor does what in the game? Red Matter in the Star Trek movie did what? The only thing in common between them is the phrase "red matter."

Why was JJSpock doing VO work in STO?
Zachary Quinto as the Emergency Medical Hologram? What? Or do you mean Nimoy doing the introduction to the game and the sector descriptions?

4. CBS is very specific what makes it into the game, We all know this and DStahl says it all the time. Like this is new to anyone reading this? Unless they are new to the free 2 play game... of which I am not.
And Paramount owns the JJ Trek. Not CBS. Paramount. They are not CBS. The JJ Trek has its own video game.

This IP is about to get popular again as many people will go see the movie. Cryptic is advertising STO on and the main Star Trek website. Movie goers can and will connect the dots.
They go see a movie, and then come play a game that is nothing like the movie they liked, with a playerbase that bashes the movie they liked, and filled with items and ships and stories that continually, due to licensing issues or dev team preference, hinge on an era that is nowhere near the Kirk era of the movie.

It's like going to see Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back and then going to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. Except at least there, the playerbase will not bash Episode V, and the dev team keeps pushing items into the game that remind you of Episode V be it a lightsaber or the cartel market outfit that looks reminiscent of Han Solo's.

This game though, won't cater to people who like the JJ Abrams Kir or Kirk's enterprise.