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02-08-2013, 01:18 PM
That was a fun episode! I think this is a cool idea.

What would make it cooler is if this wasn't just another science ship at all.

I think it should be primarily be a Destroyer with a science-y spin. For example: grab the stats from the Chimera ( ) and swap the sci/eng stations/consoles.

I bet there are some fun ideas for the Z-store/lockbox console in the episode. I'd have to rewatch it.

The main challenge would probably be to imagine up a KDF counterpart so they don't cry foul.

Edit: Actually, the other challenge would be to make up a believable story for this ship. Mirror universe ships and Timeships are "real" in the STO universe, but Warship Voyager was merely a perversion of history. If the writers find a credible way to get around this, I'd consider it a stroke of creative genius.

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