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02-08-2013, 12:36 PM
Question One: Right now it is very hard to make a canon fed ship build using phasers since the hybrid weapons out-class them. Spiral-wave Disruptors, Phased Tetryons, Phased Polarons all have the phaser proc, but don't use phaser as the base damage, the Plasma weapons from the Reputation system are very nice as well. So I ask will we be seeing Phaser-Based hybrid weapons that are as good as the ones I list above.

I would really like to build a ship that looks like it's firing weapons from the shows that are as competitive as above.

Question Two: With the advent of the Vesta's awesome consoles, the Odyssey consoles are woefully inadequate. Is there a chance they can be buffed so to actually useful? The Aquarius needs to be at least as good as the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Pets just to mention one thing.

Question Three: The Aquarius Destroyer from the Fleet Shipyard. Any chance this can be made to be a bit more powerful? In it's current form it's not as good as the free Vet Destroyer or an escort you can get from the exchange (Any of the mirror ones).
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If the KDF can get a Fleet D7 (That can be upgraded to a T5-U), the Feds should have a Fleet Exeter.

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