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02-08-2013, 02:06 PM
do foundry missions until u hit the cap on items. i recomand to do the Battleship Royal Rumble, and also do the investigation quest when u do the foundry for extra dilithium and fleet marks.

doffs assigments for mk xii consoles but the chance is very low i really don't recomand it. i think is better to sell the artefact to exchange.

do starbase 24, gorn minefield action and other instances like this but u have to get in the 1st place for better reward. in gorn u get mk xi purple and in starbase u get mk xii, but it's easier to be the one in gorn.

also if u don't need fleet credit u can buy common tactical duty officers and sell them in exchange. but usually u want to use your fleet credit on advanced gear and for ships.

buy cheap sell higher, but this is tricky.

buy keys and fleet duty officers packs and sell them for ec.

in stf space elite u can get purple weapons mk xii that are very expansive. some of them are even 3mil, but the drop is really low ofcourse.

farming rare particle trace. they are pretty expansive but the time that u need to get them is high as well.

another tip is that u do the confiscate the contraband assigment every time that u can do it and sell the contraband in the exchange for like 50k each.

the tour is good way to farm ec. i personally don't do it 'cuz it's too borring... i like to shoot or send people to die in dof's assigments ) but it gives you garanted money without drop chance and other things like that.

ps: the most important currency is the dilithium. you should farm your cap and if ouy have extra time try to do it with your alts. more dilithium=more zen/better gear - purple mk xii sets. plus u need dilithium for your fleet to.

i hope this will help u. goodluck and have fun!

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