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It's a question of what you want to do in PVE any weapon load out will do the trick.
Plasma is more useful thanks to science console buffs and you can reduce your threat level then you are safe most of the time. The problem is that plasma fire is till not that useful to date your talking about enemies on average with 250'000 hull in elite stf's plasma fire it's just not that effective. The increased damage from science is still the best way to get the highest DPS with consoles. But you need to maximize it. Consoles do not stack with other consoles but they do stack with dmg modifiers.

So Plasma fleet weapons might be better for you + mk 12 consoles from embassy+ the best darnest plasma consoles you can find and you have highest dps shot in the game unmodified. If you want to spice things up a bit more it may take time the Romulan Plasma disruptors are plasma based and give you the disruptor mod which is sweet especially when fighting stf's and things with high hull value.

Rom Plasma disruptors mk12 fronts (if there are those) + fleet plasma turrets in the rear.

Then there is the issue of crit damage there are great consoles that do crit damage tacyonic one (which increases turn to keep badies in line of sight) from the lobi store and the borg console and the rom console all do incredible crit chance and bring your chance to crit up 6-9% depending if you specked right and also increases crit severity.

If you have the sci consoles the decrease threat you won't need shield modifiers because you will find that most of time they won't attack you, (which makes for a boring game but at least your getting your load out without blowing up).

Honestly despite the upgrade to plasma weapons I still am connected to the hip to antiproton weapons got the fleet mk 12 variants + mk10 rares + specced up to the hilt in critD and H and find stuff just melts in front of me. Good luck it sounds like you have the right ideas and spec borg stuff (Maco is the best but the borg shield have all the useful procs that come with it) The shield proc is very useful in staying alive and when your fighting you are going to take enough hits that the shield mod always procs. don't look only to the numbers of maco look to the effects of the borg shields.

I will give you an example you are about to die with borg shields and shield buff triggers. 9/10 cause you are taking so many hits gives you the time to run as opposed to Maco.

Take more damage and time to run you got no juice left and pop like a pimple. also the borg shields regen crazy fast great for hit and run.

In the end it is all preference but in PVE borgies still do the trick hell in PVP borgies still do the trick as well. Have fun hoped this helped.