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02-08-2013, 01:49 PM
i've been trying nearly every day for months to get in on my windows phone. same thing every time, loading bars forever. it never does anything else. i've let it sit for an hour once... still loading. i thought the point of making it html based was so that all phones could access it without having to build apps for three different os's...

i'm all for expanding the data available on gateway, but perhaps some effort should be put into actually making it work as intended first.

one other thing... ENOUGH WITH THE BLUE... the blue "lcars-ish" ui breaks the star trek immersion just as much as the in-game ui. i'm really hoping that this supposed ui rebuild will use the correct colors, shapes and animation, and that the same changes are brought over to gateway.

if the new ui is just a new layout, and still all blue, i'll be very very disappointed.
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