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Originally Posted by kevaldt View Post
Hes flying an escort, his heals SHOULD be less seeing as an escort has less hull.

Amazingly you actually healed 1 million more damage than you took, so I actually doubt these numbers are in any way accurate, sorry.

As far as a difference... hell yeah! I can usually tank pretty well in just about any ship, but I have been doing it much better lately. I think I have blown up maybe twice since I switched over to a mostly human boff layout.
Cripes yer right about the healing numbers, thank you, that should just be 2, not 2.7. Uhg typo. It is usually the case that I heal more damage than I receive though. I suspect that there is some damage that is being done that isn't counted towards the score. I think it may be the borg cutting beam, or that omega rep kinetic damage thing.

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