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02-08-2013, 01:55 PM
I assume that the reason for the dil refining cap is to keep the cost of Zen from skyrocketing. Without the cap, the players who relentlessly farm dil would buy up all the lower priced Zen within a matter of minutes, and casual players would be forced to take up dil farming or risk never having access to a cash free source of C-store currency. Essentially, it would turn the game into more of grind-fest than it currently is.

That said, I second what's already been said by the other responders. Multiple characters are the way to go - there are easy ways to earn dil on alts (for example, the "Path to 2409" mission, the Q event, certain assignments, etc.). What Sumghai said about the STFs is absolutely true (though I'd extend it to all Omega STFs, not just ISE); you can net 3000+ dil in a single run if you're lucky.