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02-08-2013, 02:07 PM
If you need one of your current bridge officers trained in DEM III I would suggest asking in Zone chat on Earth Spacedock. There are quite a few players willing to train the ability for free, though it is a common courtesy to tip them ~25,000 EC for their time. There are a few players in the game that will offer to train it for a fairly large sum of energy credits. Don't bother working with people like that, there are plenty of reasonable players willing to help out.

To perform the bridge officer transfer, take all of the gear off the bridge officer. Next open the trade window and drag the name of your bridge officer from the left column and drop it into the trade window. Accept the trade and the other player will receive your bridge officer (providing they have at least one open bridge officer slot. Once the player is done they simply trade the officer back to you.