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Diadact : any one who turns over these rebels to imperial authority will be rewarded well. The empire has prospered and now these rebels seek to destroy our security and prosperity.
Taragi: Now.

*Taragi's fleet begins its assault on the Drydock as the Rebel Fleet warps in. The Fighter Assault Force launches.

R.S.S. Republic.*

Sam: Task Force Charlie, move in on the Shipyard. Engage any Shedai vessel in your path.

Task Force Sierra, engage the defence platforms. Clear a hole for the Fighter Force.

Task Force Romeo, take position outside the combat zone until we need you.

Iconian Vessels, if you could assist, we'd appreciate it.

Taragi *Over comm*: This is First Commander Taragi. I acknowledge.

Tar'lay'fa to all ships, break and attack any and all targets of opportunity!

Repeat, engage at will!

Matt *over comm*: This is Task Force Sierra. We're engaging the defence platforms now.

Darov *Over comm*: This is Grand Admiral Darov of the I.R.W. Donatra! We have already been engaged by Shedai Fighters!

Ramez *Over comm*: Copy that Donatra. We're on our way.

*Outside, Task Force Sierra begins attacking the Defence Platforms. As the Matthew Neilson is targeted by a Shedai Cruiser, the Republic swoops in and begins hammering it with her ZPCs.

The R.S.S. Endeavour engages the Shedai Ships hounding the Romulan Wing of Task Force Romeo.

The Iconians use their Main Antimatter Cannons to pick off the Shedai at range, but it's taking at least 5 direct hits to do significant hull damage. Likewise, the Shedai weapons are taking 15-30 hits to destroy an Iconian Vessel.

The Klingon members of the Core Group fire or kamikaze Shedai Frigates to keep them off the larger ships and the Support Group.*

Sam: Dammit! Republic to Bat'rak! General S'dan, call of those suicide runs! We need every ship for as long as possible!

S'dan *Over comm*: Understood!

Ops: Captain, the Battleship is targeting us!

Sam: Evasive!

*The ship rumbles as the Shedai start hitting the Republic's shields.*

Ops: Shields down to 86%, but they're holding there.

Sam: T'mar, lock ZPCs and torpedo bays!

T'mar: Already there!

*Sam sits down in the Command Chair.*

Sam: Dispersal Pattern Sierra... and FIRE!

*The Republic's weapons fire digs into the Battleship's hull, before she resumes evasive manoeuvres.*

David: Sir, may I?

Sam: Be my guest.

David: Helm, Attack Pattern Picard Alpha 3. Tactical, stand by phasers on full with a simultaneous spread of torpedoes.


*The Attack Manoeuvre almost gets through the Shields.*

Now! Allington Manoeuvre Alpha!

*OOC: Remember this?*

*The Republic flies in between two Shedai battleships as they hammer her shields before fold-jumping, resulting in the weapons fire from both ships causing extreme damage.

The Republic emerges alongside the Odyssey.*

OOC: I'll let you decide which Task Force you're in. This should remind you what each Task Force is doing and who they report to.

Sam: Support Groups will fall under Task Force Sierra, under Captain Forrester. Core Groups are under Task Force Charlie, following myself. Reserves are under Task Force Romeo with Admiral Ramez.

All Federation Vessels serve under Admiral Allen, but we'll make this clear; this is a joint offensive. Follow the Group Command structure unless ordered otherwise by myself if Republic, or Admiral Allen if Federation.

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