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I assume that the reason for the dil refining cap is to keep the cost of Zen from skyrocketing. Without the cap, the players who relentlessly farm dil would buy up all the lower priced Zen within a matter of minutes, and casual players would be forced to take up dil farming or risk never having access to a cash free source of C-store currency. Essentially, it would turn the game into more of grind-fest than it currently is.
Its always a fight between "Dilithium is too expensive!" and "Zen is too expensive!" However, I think its also there to reduce the attractiveness of RMT farmers from selling their services. Additionally, its probably there simply to slow us down - how much is Dilithium used for end-game equipment and all that? Nothing like having multiple, varied reasons for something...
Updated 2/11/13! Buying Zen with Energy Credits | Upgrading Duty Officers without Dilithium.
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