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*No one budges as the lights flicker. Preston appears some rough edges and some Shedai Blood on him along with Imperial races. Then a blade that the diadect knows all too well and thought to be lost. Ragnarok. Rips through his gut showing the blade through the other end. Shedai blood spurting through armor and skin. the power is draining.. *

Preston: *Leans in and whispers to him* How does it feel to be so arrogant and so powerful but to overlook that these lesser races are no longer so lesser. *turns the blade slowly.* Finally shown that your time has been over with for centuries..

*Prestons eyes glow a faint pinkish red resisting the power and the evil of the blade as he is only going to use it this once. *

*OOC: Did not see that coming did ya? *

*The Diadect falls to the floor weakened and drained his power gone.*
OOC: No I did not.
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