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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

EDIT: I accidentally a word. Fixed it.

  • Updated Gorn Minefield:
    • Addressed an issue that may have caused ships to become invisible and untargetable but still able to attack.
    • Resolved an issue that caused the mission given by Admiral Yanishev to not complete.
  • Temporal Ambassador: Being on a team will no longer create multiple interacts for mission critical sections.
  • Romulan History Volume 5, Chapter 8 is missing text.
  • Replaced placeholder text with correct mission text for the Accolade "History of New Romulus, Volume 1 Chapter 3"
  • Items that cannot have more than one equipped at a time now display their equip limit in the item tooltip.
  • Foundry: Updated the display name and description for the Cheer animations to more accurately describe them.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented music from playing in Foundry missions until combat was initiated.
  • Players who are dead while an Optional objective completes in a STF will now correctly receive the bonus marks.
  • The Antares 2 Upper uniform and Vice Admiral Coat now correctly allow Fleet Emblems.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the setting for Double-Tab to Roll to be toggled incorrectly.
    • Previously it would occasionally toggle itself without changing the setting.
  • Players with either tier Steamrunner will now have an additional variant to choose from in the tailor.
  • Padded Boots are now available in the character creator for male characters.
  • Addressed many of the graphics-related issues players have reported.
    • Lots and lots.

  • Updated the New Romulus Reputation Store:
    • Added more Romulan Plasma ground weapon types:
      • Stun Pistols
      • Compression Bolt Pistols
      • Sniper Rifles
      • Split-Beam Rifles
      • Pulsewave Assault
    • If you have already run your Store Unlock projects, these items will be available without further unlocks required.
  • Klingon Starbase: The Winter 2012 Base Ornament will now start off as hidden after it is unlocked.
    • Players will have to manually unhide it in order to see it.
  • Embassy: Federation players who have unlocked a tailor in their embassy should now be able to purchase the Romulan Senate Robes.
  • The full description for the Starbase T5 Engineering Unlock should now display in the UI.

  • Romulan Research Lab Scientist Duty Officers should now function as intended.
  • Updated Romulan Traits:
    • Renamed the Covert Operative traits to Romulan Operative to avoid it being confused with the "Covert" trait.
    • The Basic Romulan Operative, Romulan Operative, and Superior Romulan Operative traits now can stack with themselves if the player has multiple Bridge Officers with the same trait.
      • For example, having two officers with Romulan Operative will now provide the combined bonuses from both officers.
    • Decreased the critical hit chance provided by the Basic Romulan Operative, Romulan Operative, and Superior Romulan Operative traits to 1%, 1.5%, and 2%, respectively.
    • The Basic Romulan Operative, Romulan Operative, and Superior Romulan Operative traits now also provide a slight increase to critical severity.
      • The increases are 2.5%, 3.75%, and 5% Critical Severity, respectively.
  • Tachyon Mines no longer share a cooldown with Tachyon Beam.
  • Increased the Shield HP of several ships, including the following:
    • Aquarius Destroyer
    • Fleet Aquarius Destroyer
    • K't'inga Battle Cruiser Retrofit
    • Fleet K't'inga Battle Cruiser Retrofit
    • Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
    • Fleet Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
    • Escort Retrofit
    • Fleet Escort Retrofit
    • Scourge Destroyer Retrofit
    • Fleet Scourge Destroyer Retrofit
    • Fleet Norgh Bird-of-Prey Retrofit
    • Somraw Raptor Retrofit
    • Fleet Somraw Raptor Retrofit
    • Science Vessel Retrofit
    • Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit
    • Research Science Vessel Retrofit
    • Fleet Research Science Vessel Retrofit
  • Reman and Romulan Mk XII Space Sets:
    • Slightly increased Capacity and Regen Rate on both shields.
    • Doubled the Stealth and Detection bonuses on both deflectors.
  • Polaron Dual Cannons Mk XI [CrtH] will no longer display as a Mk VII Disruptor weapon.
  • Expose Attacks now display accurate Chance % and Duration, based on a player or Bridge Officer's Traits.
  • Exploit Attacks now display accurate Damage Enhancement figures, based on a player or Bridge Officer's Traits.
  • Resolved a typo in the power description for Technician Duty Officers.
  • Decreased the duration of Romulan Distress Call items.
  • Replaced the Viral Matrix II ability from the Romulan Distress Call - D'deridex Battleship and Operational Asset - D'deridex Battleship with Hazard Emitters II.
  • Omega Reputation:
    • There are two new Store Unlock Projects available, at T1 and T3, that will grant access to the Liberated Borg Duty Officers previously available in the STF store.
  • Clarified the power description in the tooltip for the Assimilated Tractor Beam.
    • This is a text change only.
  • Klingon Honor Guard and Adapted MACO Pulsewave Rifles' secondary fire no longer triggers the category cooldown on all Grenade abilities.
  • Engineering Team will now completely cleanse all effects caused by Viral Matrix.
  • Relativity Pistol: The Hold and Damage Immunity should now always last the same duration, regardless of the user and targets' innate resistances and buffs.
  • Flight Deck Officer: "Recall" variant now applies its Defense buff properly.
    • It applies a single time, consistently, of the same amount as listed on its tooltip.
  • Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Pets now have a higher engine speed and turn rate.
  • Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Pets' Antiproton Sweep power now properly obey targeting arc restrictions.
  • All carrier pets will be more intelligent about favoring their forward firing arc, if they are fitted with cannons.
  • Tricobalt Shockwave Torpedoes should no longer fire in a Spread pattern.

  • Tweaked the New Federation character and New Klingon character buttons to improve the appearance for the German localization.
  • Updated the Fleet event UI:
    • Fixed a bug where the event editor in the fleet events window would display February 1st as a Thursday instead of Friday.
    • Made all the input fields in the fleet event editor work with the mouse wheel.
    • A fleet event can be set repeat to at most 10,000 times.
      • Which if the event occurs every day until then, will put the ending time sometime mid 2040.
  • Removed the non-functional Custom option from the Foundry search.
  • Resolved the inability to admin custom chat channels with a large number of subscribers.
  • Resolved an issue that caused all Impulse Engines to appear to have the same values when viewed in stores.
    • This is a display change only.

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