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02-08-2013, 03:26 PM
Originally Posted by jarekcyphus View Post
Riddle me this.

The yellowed arcs should have a higher crit rating than cannons, and with the overlapping effect, a combined assault from beam overload should strip shields unquestionably in any encounter. In the hands of a Tac Officer, such a fitted cruiser should be able to contend with a tac officer in an escort, provided they can fly a disciplined broadside.

Is it the ideal solution? Probably not, but it is a sensible one as far as "concentrating" the firepower of beams, go. As far as dual beams go, however, I think maybe the arc could be narrowed slightly in exchange for a significant damage increase to let them at LEAST compare to DCs (not necessarily DHC's).

Probably not the solution y'all were looking for, but providing one is sure better than arguing over one. At least with more ideas in the box, you might be able to construct something out of sensible components, rather than trying to build a firearm entirely out of wood.
What happens why the cruisers are outside that proposed arc, continued negligible damage? What about those of us who use DBB, should all of our shots just go bouncey on the escorts? Not trying to shoot down you concept necessarily, but the problem with beams is that they do piddly amounts throughout the whole arc (single cannons too) and are just bouncing off of escorts.