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Wow. I've been away for a while, and it seems that the whole game has changed according to these forums!

I originally played for about 3 months solid right at the beginning and absolutely LOVED the game. It was fantastic. But sadly the windows partition on my wife's macbook pro died and I wasn't allowed to try to create another one. Now my longrunning ultrareliable Powermac has finally died at 13 years old (!) and so I have the excuse to buy a new computer - and it should arrive shortly, so I can get playing again!

Now just to work out why I seem to be back to square one on these forums - I had a couple of hundred posts but it seems like my log in details don't work since perfectworld got involved. Hope that doesn't mean all my characters in-game are dead too...? Though to be honest all I ever did was hop from mission to mission annoying anyone I was paired with as I refused to let my connie refit go into retirement... Though I had a few very proud moments in PVP against much better ships as I'd got quite good at using it with stupidly overpowered equipment... but generally I just died very quickly and annoyed my teammates... but there seem to be SOOOOO many more beautiful ships in game now than there were 2 years ago, Oberth, Excelsior, Ambassador (!!!!). I'm stupidly and quite pathetically excited about starting playing again.

Oh actually just a very quick question. This is going to make me sound really really stupid and wasteful of money but I let my subscription carry on even though I wasn't playing anymore because I was happy to contribute $15 a month for STO to succeed as I always intended coming back once I had the excuse to buy a new computer... Is there actually any benefit to subscribing any more or not?

So basically - hello again and I'm looking forwards to getting involved again! How is STO faring these days?

I have a few questions actually so I'll put them in some sort of order. Hope you don't mind my rambling post but I'm sure people will be happy to hear of returning players - even if they are sad enough that they've blown over $500 paying for a game they're not playing just to contribute to it surviving!

1. How has STO changed in the last 2 years? The fleet system was barely existent when I left. I know that's a long answer, but it's hard to get a handle on an overview of the changes from outside the game.
2. Is it worth carrying on subscribing? What benefits do I get in game?
3. Will my characters have survived their cryogenic stasis? My forum name didn't.
4. What's the best ship from the TMP/pre Next Gen era in the game now? Excelsior managed to get into T5 somehow? Or is it Ambassador?
5. How is STO getting on? Are the numbers dropping playing it, or is it doing well since the F2P transition? Is there any sense that early players who left are returning?
6. How is PVP these days? It was incredible the first few weeks, but then seemed to die off. I also became a little unpopular when I carried on using my connie refit at T4 PVP, but I did pull off some spectacular upsets - I'll try not to do that too much when I come back

Basically it'll still be a couple of weeks till I get back in and I want to chat so anyone feel free to answer any of the questions above! Don't flame me for asking questions that are probably answered all over the forums - I just feel like getting involved again and starting a chat.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you all ingame again