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02-08-2013, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by thedoctorbluebox View Post
Good feedback blevok. marshalericdavid we are just going around in circles at this point. I disagree with your stance on the need to turn down graphics if the demand is too high for your PC.

I'd like to add, this game will never evolve graphically, if when new features are added people complain they have to turn down graphics settings because their current performance goes down. What hope do we have for this game evolving in that sense. It's the same principal. I've heard the flamethrower was removed because of this reason. So there's a real-world thing we don't have in-game now, because people don't understand how new things can decrease performance, and thus they have to lower settings. But this is the game evolving, and we want to see it evolve. I fear if Cryptic panders to these individuals, this game will never evolve. And I want it to. WoW got DX11 support after a time. I fear STO may be stagnant because people don't understand how PC games, and MMO's in general, evolve and new graphics demand new performance.
I have no problem with the game improving graphically and I want it to but why is it that those balloons cause problems but nothing else does? Also even if their was no lagging issue at all it is the balloons filling rooms making it hard to see as you move around that is the biggest problem at least for me.

If the graphics do improve making me have to change settings I will do it and won't complain at all. I have done so in the past with other games no problem. I just don't want to change the settings when only one thing causes a problem and it comes from jerks doing it to annoy people knowing it will annoy people.