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02-08-2013, 04:11 PM
1. The fleet system allows Starbases and Fleet Holdings to be created. Items can be purchased that are better than anything else in the game with the ultra-rare quality items. The Reputation system was introduced and it gives additional powers and equipment. All the Borg items are now part of the Reputation system so the good stuff you purchase with Omega Marks instead of it being a random drop. A new sector was added where you help Romulans and Remans with their colony. It currently has the best dps hangar pet in the game at the moment.

Lockboxes (lottery with main prize as a ship that doesn't belong in 25th Century Starfleet or KDF)were added to the game to generate revenue and it is very controversial. Federation now has a couple of carriers added to the game.

2. There is no benefit to subscribing any more. Might lose some inventory/bank slots and might lose access to some of your energy credits which can be remedied with purchasing an energy credit cap increase. If you want to support the game, then you can go with the lifetime subscription for its benefits.

3. They should have survived since you kept up your subscription. Not sure what would have happened if you didn't, but I doubt they would delete your character. Everyone lost their forum name last summer due to the conversion of the forums from Cryptic to Perfect World.

4. Excelsior came out awhile ago with a Transwarp system that allows very good access to everywhere in the game. Ambassador is currently Tier 5 if you do the mission this week.

6. There was a post awhile ago where the devs were deciding whether to toss out pvp, but they seem to be working on it. Not sure when it will get fixed.

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