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Thanks for all the ideas and replies folks. I like the idea of the temporal science vessel...but I just set my fed sci up with that and the I'm tapped out for now lol.

I'll probably go with the vo'quv carrier and set it up as a drain focused ship and see how that goes, my KDF engineer flies it as well, so I'm familiar with it a bit. The Kar'fi sure looks neat as well and is a possibility down the road...right now the character isn't even created!

Keep any other ideas coming. I'm still watching!
Drains have been hugely nerfed. I think the only ship now that can drain 'old school' is the Chel Grett using its unique console plus thermionic torpedoes, polarons and power siphon/tykens rift and aceton assimilator stacked. The VoQuv drain pets were nerfed so bad its a joke to try to use them.

My VoQuv is set as a mirror tank. disruptors, massive shield tank and stacked shield bonuses, shield drones, threat control 9 and dual feedback pulse with atk delta. Its not a killer ship but it literally only dies to borg BS supertorps...and ironically it ends up on the top of the dps charts from the absurd amount of damage it reflects to the gaggles of npcs it keeps aggro from.

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