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02-08-2013, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by mornelenath View Post
Well, it's not your recruitment thread for ones, Rhys and Edward wrote and created it.

Yes, we took it, we admit, but as the respective owners of the initial post, Rhys and Edward have every right to do so.

Cris, and Dardax, please respect the fact that Rhys was in charge, the decision was made, and that because Rhys was both the CIC and the owner of this thread, he changed it to reflect the changes that were made. Please keep any drama out of our thread.

Additionally, both of your posts have been reported.

Mods: when you see this, please delete this post, as well as the two that have been reported. Also, If you can change the thread name to reflect the new name "Task Force Atlantis" that would be appreciated as well.

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