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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
So why do they even need doctors in ST. If someone dies they can simply throw the body into the transporter and reconstitute him from the saved data in the transporter buffer.

Sci-fi my rear end, thats fantasy baby !
The transporters are known to glitch up badly when it has some unexpected element interfering with it. so if we depended on that all the time to heal us up, we might come out looking like some sort of abomination that was born in hell. or wind up in the mirror universe every time it glitched up.

plus, even in star trek's universe, they always warn us that it's a bad idea completely to depend on machines completely.

such machines always needs that human element in order to keep it working like it's supposed to be... instead of glitching up so badly that nobody seems able to fix it. That's where the doctors come in.

Star Wars seems to depend on Robots too much, even to the point where they have robot doctors that are sucky at their jobs because they lack the passion to NOT quit on their patients the minute it seems that they have something critically wrong with them.