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02-08-2013, 06:48 PM
The global chat channels are very useful, and as the name suggests, global.

They're cross-fleet, cross-faction, cross-server, and accessible outside of the game with an XMPP client.

To access outside of game, you used to have to a) be a gold/lifetime member, and b) sign up to the tribble test server. Not sure if thats still the case, Brandon, can you confirm?

The STOwiki list Brandon linked is a good list, I'm subbed to most of the channels with the exceptions of PVP, Podcast, and radio station ones.

Other channels I'm subbed to that may be useful to others;
  • Foundry; Pretty self explanatory, for discussion, advice, questions relating to the foundry.
  • Multi-Fleet; For offering/requesting the services of fleet starbases/embassies.
  • EliteSTF; Was of two minds whether to list this channel or not. The channel has changed a lot since I first joined it, its gone private, invite only, and has more rules, ops and admins, than seem necessary. If you can handle the bureaucracy and get an invite, it's a good channel for finding people to run STFs who know what they're doing. Though you may be better going with PublicEliteSTF channel instead.
There's probably a few more I'm dubbed to that I can't remember right now.

Finally I have a suggestion. Brandon, can we get a chat interface added into the STO Gateway? That way, we could communicate when outside of the game without a third-party chat client.
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