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On my main, I have a Mobius, Wells, Aeon, and all the associated Lobi accessories. That represents a lot of sold doffs and other resources to put together. I've been happy with my finished product, but I feel like I built it up to be a lot more in my head than what I ended up with. That said, I see the specs on the new Jem'Hadar heavy escort carrier, and it seems to be a better ship on paper: More hull strength, more crew (not that that seems to have a huge affect, but maybe someday it will), carrier abilities (I haven't ever used a carrier, but I can see how that might be fun), and the Gamma maneuver.

So before I go blowing millions of EC on another ship, can I get some thoughts and feedback on the Jem HEC so far? I'd really like to hear from folks who have both ships, but any constructive input would be helpful.

Also, I'm guessing since it has the custom Jem'Hadar bridge, there's no changing that, right? I didn't know that was a thing with lockbox ships until I got the Mobius. While the bridge is pretty, sometimes I miss the option of having all my Boffs on deck.

Thanks all