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02-08-2013, 07:30 PM
I use Romulan Plasma DDB at the front and Romulan BA in the aft. Go fig I use whatever enhances plasma damage (2pc Romulan set, 3 pc Omega set for plasma torps, 3 MK XII plasma infusers).

My current setup on the Tac Vesta Class as a Joined Trill Engineer

Fore: 1 MK XII Romulan DBB, 1 MK XII Romulan Experimental BA, Omega torpedo
Aft: 2 Romulan BA MK XII, Borg Kinetic Cutting Beam

Tac: 3 MK XII blue Plasma Infusers, Zero Point console
Eng: Tachyokinetic Console, MK XI blue Neutronium Armor
Sci: Borg console, MK X Romulan Shield Emitter console (adds 8.9% plasma damage), MK XII blue Shield Regen console, Fermion Field console

BOFF Seating:
Lt. Cmd (Set to Tac): TT1, BFAW2, BO3
Lt. tac: TorpSpread 1, HYT2
Cmd sci: PH1, HE2, TSS3, GW3
Lt. Eng: EP2S1, Aux2SIF 1
Ens (Set to Sci): HE1

Ship Equipment:
MK XII Adapted MACO set