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I won't use the term most hated character, but I will say most disliked character. This isn't to bash the actors, even though there may be some you didn't like. I'm just interested to know which characters people disliked.

Who was the most disliked character for you in any Trek series? For me it was
  1. In TOS: None rally, though I didn't like Chekov very much. He just wasn't all that interesting. Even in the movies, I was always like "oh, and Chekov came along". Thats not a knock on Walter Koenig I'm sure he's a pretty good guy in real life...and I loved his character on Babylon Five.
  2. In TNG: Seriously, it was Wesley followed closely by Doctor Crusher, his mother. I still can't stand to watch "Wesley" centric episodes, which pretty much means the first and second seasons. Dr. Crusher was just boring. Come to think of it, Troi wasn't all that interesting either, but she had the benefit of being hawt. (Not that Gates McFadden isn't good lookin').
  3. DS9 : This is a toughie for me...I didn't like the Ferengi ventered episodes too much until recently when I rewatched the series. Quark is probably the most interesting character on the show. The wife for some reason cannot stand Major Kira. (she says that she doesn't think Nana Visitor can act, but I disagree).
  4. VOY: I was no fan of Neelix or Kes, and I absolutely dhated Naomi Wildman. But I'm biased, I'm no fan of children actors in the first place. I wasn't the biggest fan of Voyager in the first place, we only have the series because the wife felt we had to get it to round out our Trek collection. That being said, I was no fan of episodes featuring the doctor, but then I I hate the idea of hologram life forms. To me they are just computer programs, calling them life forms is going to far. (IMHO). The only hologram I consider "alive" is Arnold Rimmer, and thats a totally different series. (but a great one)
  5. ENT: Travis Mayweather. I don't know the actors name, but he was so wooden I can't watch him and being totally taken out of the show.